Friday, 27 November 2009

Rubbish Zebra

Yesterday, someone shoved a Christmas Marks & Spencer's meat catalogue through my door. Being a vegetarian I made it into a nice Zebra instead.

I've been a bit rubbish at keeping on top of the Rubbish Pictures of late, busy with some standard issue graphic design as well as teaching some lovely art workshops to primary school kids (more on that later) so the Wallop shop over at Folksy is emptier than usual, yet still has some bargains on sale should you be interested in a nice christmas gift?!

This weeks rubbish picture then, is the lovely zebra, whose body is made up of aforementioned meats catalogue, and is stood upon a mound of pea and soya bean packet grasses. The beautiful blue sky consists of all those annoying bits that fell out of last Sundays paper supplements, as well as a few ingredients panels from various reconstituted frozen potato products boxes....well, its a busy time of year, and junk food always keeps the kids happy!

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