Wednesday, 16 December 2009

An an exhibition. 'Is this us, or WHAT?'

To add to the whirlwind of stuff that's been going on this last few weeks, I have been privileged enough to have spent a chunk of time each week running some art workshops for the 32 very talented young artists who make up Year 6 at my local primary school.

This series of lessons were all based loosely around the subject of 'Me' and included self portraits in realist, surrealist, cubist and pop art style. We have created life sized angels with 3d feathered wings and encapsulated an emotion in a Lichtenstein-esque bubble. It's been fun. The end of term has sprung up, oh so soon, and so we celebrated a culmination of our efforts with an exhibition, or expedition, as some of our artists have been calling it, entitled 'Is this us, or what?'

I'm currently enjoying that warm fuzzy feeling of a real achievement (and slight exhaustion) and looking forward to more workshops with Year 5 next term. Ancient Greece I do believe, bring it on..... :-)

Friday, 4 December 2009

A Rubbish Popcorn Dog

In the midst of the crazy pre Christmas season, This week there has been a little beam of sunshine in the form of a project commissioned for the aptly named 'Sonny'.
This latest Rubbish Picture has been created to commemorate the naming ceremony of the very gorgeous young man whose face can be seen peeking through the camouflage of blue hues in the background.
Rubbish Dog is made out of popcorn wrappings, (just the right shade of brown) a Fat Face Christmas gift catalog and appropriately, a bag of Wagg Dog food. The background consists of packaging; from tea bags, Marks & Spencers Salt and Vinegar crisps, Rich Tea biscuits and some random NHS Swine Flu leaflets which the paper boy obviously got bored with delivering and just shoved in their entirety through my door instead.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Rubbish Zebra

Yesterday, someone shoved a Christmas Marks & Spencer's meat catalogue through my door. Being a vegetarian I made it into a nice Zebra instead.

I've been a bit rubbish at keeping on top of the Rubbish Pictures of late, busy with some standard issue graphic design as well as teaching some lovely art workshops to primary school kids (more on that later) so the Wallop shop over at Folksy is emptier than usual, yet still has some bargains on sale should you be interested in a nice christmas gift?!

This weeks rubbish picture then, is the lovely zebra, whose body is made up of aforementioned meats catalogue, and is stood upon a mound of pea and soya bean packet grasses. The beautiful blue sky consists of all those annoying bits that fell out of last Sundays paper supplements, as well as a few ingredients panels from various reconstituted frozen potato products boxes....well, its a busy time of year, and junk food always keeps the kids happy!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Doodle Addict T shirt Project

My Doodle Addict Tshirt results have been added to the Gallery over at Doodlers Anonymous, it's such a great project and already the responses have been hugely varied and inspirational. Go over to Doodlers anonymous here and check it out. :-)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Invited to enter the Man Photography prize 2009

It's very cool being a part of the Royal College of Art Alumni. Even though I spent the entire 2 years I was there doing my Masters Degree, feeling overwhelmed and in awe and never quite got over the feeling of not being worthy, now I get to sit back knowing that I've done it, I've been there, I've marched through the Royal Albert Hall wearing the fake ermine and the silly hat and now I get to relax and be sent all the interesting stuff via email. :-) I feel very fortunate.
The latest of the interesting stuff, was an invitation to enter the Man Photography Prize - a competition open to all current and past, RCA students. The title this year is 'Word On The Streets', and it seemed like a fun thing to do at a weekend, 'Why not' I thought to myself. My girls were very willing models and we were walking around London anyway, so my answer to the brief was based upon using the first line of one of their nursery rhymes split across the 5 required images, and hidden in the very ordinary, street scenes. (click on the images to see bigger versions)

My models enjoyed the end results so it was time well spent, whether it gets anywhere in the competition or not. I am, however, really looking forward to seeing all the shortlisted entries to the competition in an exhibition at the college gallery from 17th to 19th November. I'm intrigued to see what everyone else came up with, no doubt it will be an awesome collection and well worth a visit.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Doodle anonymously. (But put your name on it!)

Hello. My name is Katie and I am a doodle addict. It's been 10 minutes or so now since my last doodle. I do like a distraction, as I'm sure most people who work alone do.... it's always nice to have something more fun to do that the actual something that you're meant to be doing. And so it was this week when I received my pristine t shirt through the post from Doodlers anonymous with the invite to scribble all over it and post the results to their gallery.

I gave myself an hour. There had to be a time limit or I'd have been there all day - but it was such a fun hour! Once you've got over the initial 'hmmm, what to draw, don't want to ruin it' thoughts - and just doodle, doodle, doodle.... it's fun. Therapy, I think.

Here's the results - odd that my doodles turned into a kind of bonkers town, complete with resident mermaid and one lone cow. Must say something about my inner self.... ;-)

For all those in need of some doodle therapy, (and I would recommend it to many of my friends!) get yourself a tshirt from here and start doodling!

Monday, 5 October 2009

A day of Mariscal inspired character design

There are days when it's particularly useful to have children of a certain age, as you get to go to certain events that you'd look pretty sad going to by yourself. One of those such days was the family workshop that we went along to yesterday at The Design Museum. To run alongside the fantastic Mariscal - drawing Life exhibition currently showing on the second floor, families are invited to join in a character building workshop in the Design Museum 'Space', using Mariscal as inspiration to concoct, design and draw new characters and then transform them into 3D.

My two apprentices had a fun afternoon and came up with some fantastic creations, 'Time Dog' and 'Mr Pink' the scary spider, to name just two. Plus they got to use a squillion felt tip pens that all actually worked and had their first glue gun experiences. An art education happening without anyone actually realizing - lovely stuff.

The exhibition continues until November and I would thoroughly recommend a visit.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A seaside summer remembered in paint

My most enthusiastic apprentice and I today finished off a project that has taken several days to complete and an awful lot of patience for someone who is seven and three quarters. It happens to coincide with her starting Brownies and wanting to get her 'Artist' badge and me wanting something interesting to go on an otherwise bare bathroom wall.
With the chosen subject being the sea, experimenting with acrylics for the first time to achieve that lovely textured look and immortalize our summer holidays in paint form, seemed to be the way to go.
It's taken a while! (enthusiastically delivered-half-an-inch-deep acrylic paint takes some considerable time to dry) But turned out really quite nice. First we stuck our collection of seashells onto the canvas. Then we painted the entire surface in several layers and shades of blue. Next there was the fun hand printing for extra 'whooshy' sea texture, and finally - just to add a teeny element of a 'rubbish picture' I dropped 3 small boats, snipped out of an old Boden catalogue, onto the horizon.Memories of a seaside summer successfully immortalized and more memories of a fun few days with paints and glue and mess, created in the process.
Got to be worth that Brownie badge, surely?!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A book to make you say 'Ooooh' out loud

I've been a bit rubbish at trying to keep up with the weekly blogs regarding awesome children's books I'm pining after, but this one, THIS one is a no-brainer. I saw it today and knew immediately it was blog worthy.
ABC in 3D by Marion Bataille is a kids pop up book that is pretty much definitely not really for kids. It's so simple it's beautiful, and is aimed I'd say fairly and squarely at the grown ups. In fact, even more fairly and squarley at the grown ups who also happen to be Graphic Designers.

Almost every letter has a three-dimensional aspect, with simple yet hugely effective paper engineering techniques used throughout. I may well give in to my urges and have to buy a copy for my kids... purely for the educational content you understand. But I'll keep it on my desk. So it's safe...

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Wallop. Fresh new start with a crash, a bang and a badger or two.

Well, the summer is officially over, schools are back. All 3 of my apprentices have been despatched to their various '9 till 3 places' which means Wallop can get back to business, routine and normality. Yay for September!
The first job in hand is a fun one. Scuba diving badgers no less, a series of character designs for The Archaeological Divers Association - a non-profit organisation that specialises in the unique sub-discipline of Underwater Archaeology, and includes archaeologists trained in the use of SCUBA equipment for the purposes of survey and recording of archaeological sites.

Scubadger, in his various forms will be emerging from the deep very soon... In the meantime, for more information on underwater archaeology - find out more from the ADA here.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

A truly wise owl is made only from rubbish

Todays rubbish picture is a wise owl perching on a 'Raw Cola' cardboard packaging branch. The Owl consists of various articles from an old Living etc magazine, a lawn seed box and a fertilizer bag. The sky is a plethora of food packaging - embarrassingly mostly microwave popcorn and fish fingers - the staple diet of school holidays ;-)

Monday, 10 August 2009

In awe of alphabet books

Today's post is a combination of 'the children's book that I'd really really like, for me and not the children' thread that I've been attempting to update weekly of late AND the result of some online research into Alphabet books.
An Alphabet book is something I'd really like to do. To complete an entire 26 letters in rubbish would be a pretty cool achievement but ridiculously time consuming at a period of my life where time seems to be sucked out of the air in some kind of black hole every time I turn on the computer. Still. It's on the Wallop 'To Do list' and so I've enjoyed seeing whats already out there and how they compare.
Every child needs an alphabet book, so they're an ever present feature on the book shop shelves and rightly so. The good ones are just.... beautiful and inspiring and wonderful objects that will be kept and treasured and passed on down the generations. The bad ones are shockingly so and pumped out to feed the ever growing heap of cheap and nasty looking books that sit next to the sprouts in supermarkets these days. Having said that, even the 'bad' alphabet books are still to be admired on many levels. They've achieved publication for starters! They must be marketable objects, and it's simply because children can't fail to find something in those 26 letters, to relate to and love and seek out time after time. Even if's just 'their own' letter.
Alphabet books therefore, absolutely, my latest inspiration.
My very favourite at the moment, (I keep finding more) is Christopher Wormells beautiful Alphabet of Animals. It was his first book for children, apparently An Alphabet of Animals, started as a series of simple and colourful illustrations for his son, and eventually grew into a book that took the prestigious Graphics Prize at the Bologna International Children's Book Fair in 1991.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Moon Rabbit

New for August: Another rubbish rabbit, this time a whimsical nightime bunny.
Todays rubbish picture is created entirely out of household recycled rubbish.
The background consists of fish finger boxes, a swimming pool timetable, and a couple of magazine pages. The moon is almost entirely created from a Poppy day information leaflet from last November and the rabbit consists of an article all about wooden floors, with a couple of wallpaper samples and a habitat kitchen brochure chucked in for good measure.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rubbish Robins

My apprentice is leaving Robins class tomorrow. It's a sad day, but she's looking forward to spreading her wings and becoming a kestrel in September ;-)
What better teachers gift could she think of, than a pile of old rubbish?! So Mrs Campbell and Mrs Doran will be the recipients of a couple of rubbish robins as soon as they're dried, which hopefully will be before the morning or there's going to be one heck of a sticky mess in the book bag!

Todays rubbish pictures are made entirely out of discarded household junk. They consist of a Silver Spoon sugar bag, Pepsi Raw cardboard packaging, old copies of Living etc magazine and a couple of Fruitella wrappers for the red tummy.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

A Rubbish Mermaid

I've had a rubbish mermaid propped up behind my desk for far too long while I've been getting around to adding her to the shop over at Folksy. I've added her today, where she sits in all her glory next to a rubbish giraffe and a rubbish nice cup of tea :-)
Mermaids have proved popular characters for my rubbish pictures, one has even swam as far afield as New Zealand. There have only been a few made to date though because of the amount of time involved in cutting out all the individual scales on the tail: A detail which I think makes a big difference in the final outcome of the picture, but which also makes me cross eyed, sticks my fingers together with pva and basically sends me to the brink of insanity...

Sunday, 5 July 2009

A cat called Fat Pig.

I've been a bit up to my eyes in other things of late, so the Rubbish Pictures have taken a back seat. But I was recently commissioned to make a new one and with a subject like a cat called fatpig, how could I resist?
FatPig is created mostly out of magazine articles and pet food wrappings. He's a grey cat and it's amazing how little recycled stuff is actually coloured grey. You don't notice until you're looking for it! The background is blue and was much easier to find material for. It consists of newspapers, a washing powder box, yoghurt tops, sweet wrappers and coloured photocopies of the cats owners camouflaged amongst the debris...

As for other news: the Great to be Green shop in Holt are planning a change of direction with their latest stock update so any remaining Rubbish Pictures will soon be added to the Wallop shop on Folksy, instead. Watch out for some exciting new additions coming soon!

Friday, 26 June 2009

A particularly animated experience

Last week I was privileged to have been involved in Arts week at my local primary school. While I was preparing, I thought back over my own arts education and recalled that probably the most fun was had back at University where we produced, as a class, a short animated movie based on a field trip to Berlin. I don't actually recall many individual projects set at Uni, (most of it passed in a blur of fun and Snakebite n' blacks in the union bar), but that one I certainly do. It was hard work, that's for sure. Hours of drawing and aching fingers. Frame after frame of 2 o' clock in the morning tedium. BUT, the result was awesome. A huge diverse range of animations joined together that represented our trip exactly. The fact that I remember it so well, suggested to me that of all the projects I could set my Year 4 group of children during Arts week, learning traditional animation would be a particularly enjoyable and rewarding one.

We went over the basics, the theory and the 'perception of vision', we created storyboards, we designed characters and we studied how many movements would need to be made to make one second of animation for each child. And boy, we had fun. What a fantastic experience to spend 2 days with such an enthusiastic, upbeat, creative group of little people. They were unexpectedly prolific and by the end of the project we had between us created a huge stack of cells to be scanned in and sequenced together. The results though, speak for themselves. 24 children, who had never animated anything before managed to produce a beautiful sequence including characters, movement and morphs.

I am incredibly proud of their achievements and would love to do more of this kind of thing. I can so see why teachers are teachers. To feel so proud of a bunch of children, who do not actually belong to you, is just inspirational.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Loitering in bookshops. Not necessarily but most likely Waterstones. Part 2

It's been a busy week this week. I've actually not had half as much loitering time as I would have liked. But having said that... This week, the book that I think is most gorgeous and would really, really, really like, (for myself, not my kids, obviously) IS... actually a set of books.
The 'This is...' set of books by

Monday, 15 June 2009

The Aesthetica Annual Creative Works Competition

Aesthetica Magazine "engages with contemporary art, contextualising it within the larger cultural framework. Founded in 2002, Aesthetica Magazine is one of Britain's leading art publications.

Exploring the varied nature of the arts and recognising the dynamics of contemporary culture, Aesthetica pushes the boundaries and evokes debate around today's most important topics. Bringing a fresh perspective to the national forum, Aesthetica is at the forefront of contemporary arts by critically engaging with visual arts, music, film, literature and theatre."

and at the moment they're taking submissions for their annual Creative Works competition. So, I've gone for it and entered some Rubbish Pictures. I'm not very good at entering competitions. In fact, I'm rubbish at pretty much all promotion. It makes me a cringe a little. But it needs to be done! Who knows, it can't do any harm and it might get me a little exposure... Fingers crossed...

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I spend far too much time loitering in Waterstones...

I have a list. It's as long as my arm. If I were an exceptionally long armed orangutan, that is. I love children's books. They're why I wanted to become an illustrator and why I still DO want to be an illustrator! So my thoughts are that each week here on the teatime blog I'll chose my current favourite and share. It's going to be difficult. Theres one at elbow position I'd love to discuss at some point and a whole host around the nobbly wrist bone area.... but we'll get there. A whole long arms worth, week by week. That is so long as they stop publishing more....

This week, the book that I think is most gorgeous and would really, really, really like, (for myself, not my kids, obviously) IS... 365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental and Joelle Jolivet.

It's a very lovely object full of funky flat graphics and a bonkers storyline of being overrun by penguins.

This then wins the first ever 'Wallop Gorgeous book o' the week' prize. Hurrah for penguins. And amazing french artist types.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Family time at the Design Museum

A note for this years family day at the Design Museum has just popped into my inbox and I was very pleased to see it. We've taken part in various other family events run at the Design Museum and they're generally a good day out. Last year, we made 3 dimensional models out of.... anything and everything, ( a 3d rubbish picture no less?!) and then filled up one of the design gallery spaces with our newly created 3d cityscape. It was inspirational. Kids have no limit to their imaginations and are willing to get stuck in straight away with none of the reserve that us adults carry around with us so much. It was a delight to see and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with on this next family design day.

Monday, 8 June 2009

We walked for LIFE! :-)

I know, I know... this is an arty blog. I should be sticking to arty things and discussing rubbish pictures...But just as an aside, just this once, I've got to mention yesterdays Walk For Life in aid of Crusaid. What a fun day we had, walking the 10k route around London, from Tower Bridge to St Pauls Cathedral, round via Holburn to Waterloo bridge and back along the South Bank passing Tate Modern to return to Potters Field and a very welcome beer tent. This is an annual event, ideal for families and lots of fun, AND we managed to raise over £500 for Crusaid - a very worthwhile cause. So if you feel inspired, do join in same time next year!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A nice cream tea for hungry orphans?!

I've just put the finishing touches on a quick poster for my absolute worthiest client, The Lunchbowl Network - a wonderful school based charity who support orphans in the Kibera slums of Nairobi.
Once again Lunchbowl are raising funds, and it's time again for their annual 'Cream Tea weekend' where they provide delicious cream teas in return for a small donation to their funds. Previous years events have been a huge success even attracting visits from a host of celebrities. (Cbeebies presenters were particularly welcomed and appreciated by the younger visitors) Heres hoping this years event is just as big as a success and raises lots of money for a worthwhile cause. If you happen to be in the New Malden area do drop by and enjoy!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Sculpture (not entirely rubbish for once) in the sunshine

I'm not generally a huge fan of sculpture per se, I'm normally more of a flat-art-on-a-wall fan, but a weekend visit to the amazing Yorkshire Sculpture Park may well have changed all that. We popped in on our way down the M1 to see the exhibition by Sophie Ryder, currently showing in the lower fields area and we weren't disappointed.

'Ryder’s work draws on human, animal and mythological forms, melding the attitudes and instincts of each to create a series of hybrids. Ryder has developed a narrative around the Lady-Hare; a creature with a hare’s head and the artist’s own female body. Through this character the artist examines the human condition and plays out her own emotions'.

What the official blurb fails to mention is the sculptures are also awesome. They're huge, they're half rabbit half person, they're bonkers and they're just ... lovely. Best of all for me, there's a rubbish link here too... Ryder's works from a distance appear to be simple cast metal but on closer inspection, just like my own pieces, theres a whole wealth of discarded household 'stuff' in there to be found! Bike chains, bits of machinary, old toys. What a selection of truly great things to gawp at.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Rubbish Portraits

I've tried something new this week. It was 'im indoors birthday and seeing as hand made cards are generally the way to go in our house, was seeking inspiration... and what better inspiration than the rubbish pile that is sat in the corner of my office, threatening to topple at any moment and overwhelm half of Hampshire. So. I decided to try my hand at a rubbish portrait. Theres got to be a first time for everything! As for the result - I'm not sure Jonathan Yeo needs to quake in his boots unduly about his position in the circles of high art, but for a first attempt it's not all that..... rubbish?! And spookily, it does actually look just like him.... well a version of him after hitching a lift in the back of the recycling lorry to a skin grafts appointment....maybe ;-)

Today's rubbish picture is made of junk mail leaflets, the local swimming pools' Spring timetable, a Saturday supplement magazine and last years habitat catalogue.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Everyone loves a giraffe...

Today is a giraffe day. No particular reason. I just like 'em. They make me laugh. Laughing at a giraffe is reason enough to blog in my books.

Today's rubbish picture consists of herbal tea bags wrappings, food packaging, an old Junior magazine, Sunday's Observer, and a holiday brochure which was quickly ripped up before I could drool all over it thereby ruining perfectly good bits of blue....

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Coffee o' clock

This year I turned over a new leaf. In theory I am now a green, lean, healthy, recycling artist machine. I don't smoke, I don't drink... erm much, I don't eat meat, I practise aikido every week, I'm marching daily around the fields of Hampshire with the dog whether he wants to or not, breathing in deep lungfuls of clean crisp country air, I have become zen like in the art of recycling. The leaf has been well and truly turned over to good living. However I have discovered a flaw in my plan. A little hiccup.

It seems I have a major addiction. This morning I thought I'd up things a notch and y'know just give up coffee too. Why not, I thought.... Well here's why not;
My head came close to imploding. My brain throbbed. The goldfish irritated me intensely just by it's very existence. I tsked and tutted my way through my morning routine ... and I lasted until 09.33

Coffee o' clock.
Just a small one.
Oh dear, there's only the pint mug clean out of the dishwasher. That'll have to do then. And then.... aaaaaaaaaah. All is well in the world once more.

ok so I may not have managed complete good living but life is good.

Todays rubbish picture consists of plastic fruit bags. (why put fruit in plastic bags?) Some junk mail and a Boden catalogue. They always seem to send me 3. I should just ask them not to but they do use such nice colours...

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Day of the Triffids

I have a giant triffid growing in my garden. It looks like innocent rhubarb (but of the enormously massive freaky sized variety) and I swear it grows an inch every time you turn your back on it.
This winter it disappeared completely and since it's re emergence from the depths (The vigorous stamping on the spot where it had been last autumn didn't get rid of it for good as I'd thought....) it's grown to a whopping shoulder height already.... in just a matter of weeks!
I'm ever so slightly concerned it may well turn out to be carnivorous, the kids are looking particularly healthy and outdoorsey at the moment - am I tempting fate by leaving it be within striking distance of the sandpit?!

Anyone who knows Alan Titchmarsh or indeed anyone who knows anything about freaky giant potentially carnivorous rhubarb please feel free to get in touch with some tips n' tricks.

I swear it growled at the dog this morning....

Today's blog rubbish picture is a hastily put together watchdog-esque look a like Triffid consisting rather appropriately of a garden centre catalogue and various scraps of recycled food packaging and fabric.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Where have all the lost kites gone?

As a child I seem to remember it was a pretty standard feature of the countryside and parks to see old tattered tangled kites hanging in trees, alongside deflated footballs, the odd plimsole... Is it just me, or do trees these days seem remarkably bare of these things?
I have some theories, exasperated by walking the dog through woods crying out for a few oddities to be dangled in the branches, this morning.

The Wallop ponderings of the day then;

1. Children are taller these days. Or have evolved longer arms.
2. Children do not play out. Ever. especially near trees due to health and safety tree-might-fall-on-them issues.
3. Kites are not for children anymore. They have DS lites. Kites are for dads. Dads don't abandon them when they get stuck in trees because they're ridiculously expensive titanium clad whizzy ones from '' or some such and dads would rather chainsaw (probably also purchased from the same site) the tree down than leave their 'toy' for some snotty nosed kid to get hold of.

Regardless of the reason for their disappearance. I'd like to see more kites. Think I may force, ahem ... sorry, encourage my kids to make one this weekend even if just for the right of passage in watching it crash several times before getting stuck in a tree. For old times sake.

Todays Rubbish Picture is 'Lost Kite' and consists of frozen pea packaging, a Weetos box, a garden centre catalogue which was very timely shoved through my letter box just as I was looking for some more 'green'. The little girl is dressed in the lid of a Dunkin Doughnuts drive through box and a fetching pair of Ellas kitchen smoothie pouch boots.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Walkin' walkin' walkin'

Today I have received all the paperwork for the Crusaid Walk for life, a 10k walk around London raising money and awareness for HIV and Aids charity, Crusaid which I signed up for last week on a whimsical notion of doing good and keeping fit. Not only will I be walking it myself, but I have also roped in my family, including my 3 children who have absolutely no concept of how long 10 k actually is and are, at present, very excited....
I'm beginning to wonder now however, how many steps we will manage before the 'are we nearly there yet' begins.... but hopefully it will be a lovely day, we shall see the sights of London that we normally just whizz by in the car / bus or miss completely by travelling underground and it will be fun ! really... it will....

Crusaid is a wonderful charity which deserves as much support as possible, so if you're in the London area why not come along and join in? The Walk for Life is on June 7th. Or if you'd rather not suffer the blisters yourself (or hear my groans as I alternatly cajole / carry my children along the route) - you can always do a good turn and sponsor us instead without ever having to leave your computer!

Do a wonderful thing today and Sponsor family Wall here, whether it be tuppence and a cheery message to say hello, to a hefty donation from a mysterious millionaire who likes rubbish art and lurks secretly on my blog - we'd be delighted and very grateful for your support.

Today's featured blog picture in honour of the occasion, is 'Love those rubbish shoes' and is made from recycled chocolate wrappers, jelly baby boxes, (I was having a sugar crisis that day) plus an old copy of Living etc magzine and some quorn packaging.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Happy St. Georges day

Todays Rubbish Picture is in honour of it being St. George's day today.
This dragon was produced entirely out of a frozen peas packet, (which it turns out are very fiddly to cut into tiny scales!) sweet wrappers, the cover of The Gaurdians' weekly TV Guide magazine and he's sat upon dogfoodbox mountain!

It was produced for a little boy Theo, for his birthday, and as a little extra, I made sure there were some blue tinted photographs of the young man himself incorporated into the sky.
He's now immortalized in Rubbish!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Spring views...

Another day, another Rubbish picture. Todays is inspired by Spring and the view out of my window.... the leaves are finally on the trees, the sky is blue and as my apprentice loves to point out, the bunnies are so happy they just can't stop cuddling each other...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Running dogs

I have a very dull dog. Don't get me wrong he's beautiful, he's friendly, he's quiet, he's great with kids and is very low maintenance. I love him to bits and in most ways, he is the perfect pet in fact. But in the interest stakes.... he'd rate pretty low.
He sleeps a lot does our Ned. You give him a ball, he might raise one eyebrow at you briefly, you give him a chewy, he'll bury it for later....when he's less tired.
My dog does....nothing. Official. He sleeps for approximately 23.5 hours of the day.
So why is it I wonder that Ned has his very own fan club of adoring friends and neighbours? Why do complete strangers chat to me every single morning whilst we're out on a daily walk (The 0.5 hour of the day not accounted for above)
It's because Ned is a whippet that's why. People, I have discovered, just love whippets (or maybe people actually love greyhounds and a whippet is just a mini me greyhound so it kind of counts). These dogs have something about them that makes folk go 'awwwww'.

Testament to that is the new range of Rubbish Pictures I am making up at the moment to restock my Folksy shop. Folksy allows you to manage your items. Once you have added an item you can see how many hits it has had. Within minutes of this latest rubbish picture entitled 'running whippet', Seven people had checked it out and one had even been so kind as to make it one of their favourite items. More than one per minute?! How very lovely and it proves my theory , you just gotta love a whippet.
The first few of the new series of pictures will focus on the running variety as that is when they're at their most impressive, but I think I may have to add at least one or two at some point, of their natural state which is illustrated by Ned right now. Spark out. With a big doggy smile on his chops.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Wallop Relaunches

Wallop has been here, there and all over the place of late. I have been juggling illustration projects, graphic design projects, branching out into Rubbish Pictures and trying to keep up with this Blog and of course, all the scribbles and doodles that just get done as a hobby too...It's about time then, that the whole lot got sorted out and put back into one spot and so I'm very happy to announce that Wallop the website has relaunched officially today! The site now includes a new fonts for fun area where my fonts can be downloaded for free, the usual illustration gallery, with stills of previous projects as well as examples of animation. Oodles of Doodles gets it's own area of the website where you can flip the pages of the virtual sketchbook and see all the odds and ends and doodles that would otherwise just get lost in a sea of sketchbooks and scraps of paper that litters the floor of my workroom. Rubbish Pictures now gets it's own area too - with a gallery of images produced so far, and a link to my Folksy shop, and last but not least this very blog is now filtering through to appear on the site. (Which might look a little odd on this occasion, as the site will be featured....on the site.... but hopefully it'll work out well in the long run.
Bish bosh. All eggs back in one basket. All fingers back in one pie. A one stop shop stopping at this shop. All metaphors back in one metaphor erm ...thing. You get the picture.
Hope you enjoy it. If you're not already looking at the site right now, go check it out at

Sunday, 12 April 2009

A rubbish Easter

Happy Easter!
Can't blog now...
Wallopsville is drowning in chocolate

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Beach Huts

Hooray - I sold a Rubbish Chicken this week! Which left a little hole in my Folksy shop, just big enough for this latest Rubbish Picture of beach huts. My stash of blue rubbish bits has now been replenished, since the dog bit through the kids paddling pool. It's a nice translucent blue plastic and will be very handy in seaside scenes. Sorry kids. Your loss my gain!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

'Rubbish artists'

Tim Noble and Sue Webster
are just the first of many amazing British artists who I have come across whilst stumbling around on the web looking for....rubbish.
Their apparent heaps of debris collected from London Streets becomes something magical and gobsmackingly real as a silhouette from a strategically positioned light.
Their work is just stunning and completely inspirational for a fellow rubbish artist.