Sunday, 21 February 2010

Annotate the Weekend

As 'WallopArt', I follow a lot of very creative and slightly bonkers arty type people on Twitter. One of whom is 'Mokuroku' aka Joe List, the creator of The Annotated Weekender : an awesome blog that does just what it says. It presents Annotations & doodles on The Gaurdian's Weekender magazine with some spectacular results. Check it out and I defy you not to have the urge for a quick doodle yourself. It's fun! (and cheaper than therapy).

Seeing as in our house, all copies of The Gaurdian end up as either 'Rubbish Pictures' or at the bottom of the Guinea pig cage, I think it's nothing less than a good thing to create one more stage in between the recycling process.

These pics are my day late doodles over this morning's coffee, but for a look at some quality annotations, go visit the blog, The Annotated Weekender. Great stuff.

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