Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Fonts. For FUN.

There are approximately a squillion fonts out there hanging around on the world wide web.
Beautiful ones. Funny ones. Really rather tacky ones. Obscurely licensed ones. Free ones. Shared ones. But sometimes just never quite the right ones... So as a little aside in the Wallop camp of late, I have been building up my own little library of Wallop fonts, ready to add to the new site in a couple of weeks time. I'm not planning on ever competing in the typography stakes with Jan Tschichold or Eric gill. Herb Lubalin can rest easy (although I did name my first hamster after him which I guess some might consider....odd) but if I can add a little something to the pool of original fonts out there and perchance save even just one poor soul from the evil that is comic sans with one of my very own little home grown wallops, I'll be happy.

'Fonts for fun' will be launching on the all new and improved Wallop website. Coming soon.

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