Monday, 23 March 2009

Transforming art...

I have a snoring toddler lying across my mousehand. It's gone a bit numb and tingly but it seems such a shame to wake her and I'm quite enjoying the rare chance to sit and snuggle. Todays post must therefore be one handed and laptop based, so.... heres a thought.
A lot of my collages take a while to 'come into their own' - the first few hours of their existence is always a bit touch and go, because when I first begin work on them, they always look...well.... like random bits of rubbish stuck down with lots of glue. It can be a frustrating process, if you are a particularly impatient person such as myself, but generally it's worth carrying on and trying hard to remember the image in your head rather than what is oh so slowly appearing in front of you, until eventually the two pretty much match up. THEN, you're allowed to pop the kettle on and feel much better about yourself.
It made me grin to see this today then... and to think of the mixture of angst and excitement that this street artist must be feeling during the long process of making this amazing spectacle. I'm suitably humbled and have vowed not to get so irate waiting for my pictures to be finished in future. At least no one walks over mine when they're half way through!


  1. Just wanted to say I think your pictures are truly amazing! And I can understand what you say about frustration with waiting for them to come into their own - I feel pretty much the same when I start on a complex piece of beadweaving.

    I was amazed when I saw that street art - I found it when I was "Stumbling" and just staring at it with my jaw down somewhere my knees!

  2. Sorry, just spotted two missed words in that post - duh! I meant to say: "and just *sat* staring at it with my jaw down somewhere *near* my knees".