Monday, 20 April 2009

Wallop Relaunches

Wallop has been here, there and all over the place of late. I have been juggling illustration projects, graphic design projects, branching out into Rubbish Pictures and trying to keep up with this Blog and of course, all the scribbles and doodles that just get done as a hobby too...It's about time then, that the whole lot got sorted out and put back into one spot and so I'm very happy to announce that Wallop the website has relaunched officially today! The site now includes a new fonts for fun area where my fonts can be downloaded for free, the usual illustration gallery, with stills of previous projects as well as examples of animation. Oodles of Doodles gets it's own area of the website where you can flip the pages of the virtual sketchbook and see all the odds and ends and doodles that would otherwise just get lost in a sea of sketchbooks and scraps of paper that litters the floor of my workroom. Rubbish Pictures now gets it's own area too - with a gallery of images produced so far, and a link to my Folksy shop, and last but not least this very blog is now filtering through to appear on the site. (Which might look a little odd on this occasion, as the site will be featured....on the site.... but hopefully it'll work out well in the long run.
Bish bosh. All eggs back in one basket. All fingers back in one pie. A one stop shop stopping at this shop. All metaphors back in one metaphor erm ...thing. You get the picture.
Hope you enjoy it. If you're not already looking at the site right now, go check it out at

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