Monday, 15 June 2009

The Aesthetica Annual Creative Works Competition

Aesthetica Magazine "engages with contemporary art, contextualising it within the larger cultural framework. Founded in 2002, Aesthetica Magazine is one of Britain's leading art publications.

Exploring the varied nature of the arts and recognising the dynamics of contemporary culture, Aesthetica pushes the boundaries and evokes debate around today's most important topics. Bringing a fresh perspective to the national forum, Aesthetica is at the forefront of contemporary arts by critically engaging with visual arts, music, film, literature and theatre."

and at the moment they're taking submissions for their annual Creative Works competition. So, I've gone for it and entered some Rubbish Pictures. I'm not very good at entering competitions. In fact, I'm rubbish at pretty much all promotion. It makes me a cringe a little. But it needs to be done! Who knows, it can't do any harm and it might get me a little exposure... Fingers crossed...


  1. Go for it - seriously - your work is great. I still love your running greyhound. x

  2. I adore that hare picture. Do hope it does as well as it deserves to, in other words, win!