Sunday, 5 July 2009

A cat called Fat Pig.

I've been a bit up to my eyes in other things of late, so the Rubbish Pictures have taken a back seat. But I was recently commissioned to make a new one and with a subject like a cat called fatpig, how could I resist?
FatPig is created mostly out of magazine articles and pet food wrappings. He's a grey cat and it's amazing how little recycled stuff is actually coloured grey. You don't notice until you're looking for it! The background is blue and was much easier to find material for. It consists of newspapers, a washing powder box, yoghurt tops, sweet wrappers and coloured photocopies of the cats owners camouflaged amongst the debris...

As for other news: the Great to be Green shop in Holt are planning a change of direction with their latest stock update so any remaining Rubbish Pictures will soon be added to the Wallop shop on Folksy, instead. Watch out for some exciting new additions coming soon!


  1. Love your artwork!! Saw it on Folksy!

  2. His name is actually Blue Pig! :o)
    Well, it was until I saw this re-naming of him, he's now almost exclusively called FatPig, he doesnt seem to mind :o)
    Thank you so much for doing this for me, The Boy loves it and it now hangs proudly on our bedroom wall.
    J xx