Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rubbish Robins

My apprentice is leaving Robins class tomorrow. It's a sad day, but she's looking forward to spreading her wings and becoming a kestrel in September ;-)
What better teachers gift could she think of, than a pile of old rubbish?! So Mrs Campbell and Mrs Doran will be the recipients of a couple of rubbish robins as soon as they're dried, which hopefully will be before the morning or there's going to be one heck of a sticky mess in the book bag!

Todays rubbish pictures are made entirely out of discarded household junk. They consist of a Silver Spoon sugar bag, Pepsi Raw cardboard packaging, old copies of Living etc magazine and a couple of Fruitella wrappers for the red tummy.


  1. Just FAB as always - but haven't you guys broken up yet - we're on school summer holidays already here in Devon!

  2. I think your "rubbish pictures" are just beautiful and it's fascinating to read your list of ingredients!