Saturday, 1 August 2009

Moon Rabbit

New for August: Another rubbish rabbit, this time a whimsical nightime bunny.
Todays rubbish picture is created entirely out of household recycled rubbish.
The background consists of fish finger boxes, a swimming pool timetable, and a couple of magazine pages. The moon is almost entirely created from a Poppy day information leaflet from last November and the rabbit consists of an article all about wooden floors, with a couple of wallpaper samples and a habitat kitchen brochure chucked in for good measure.


  1. Hello! You have some very lovely illustrations on here! The Bunnys gorgeous, and I also love that peacock ----->
    you are very talented! Xx

  2. Hi, I love your rubbish stuff!
    There's nothing wubbish about that wabbit xxx

  3. Bunny's such a perfect shape - the pic 'feels' lovely.

  4. Another gorgeous piece. Very atmospheric.