Wednesday, 11 February 2009

crash bang WALLOP!

Well.... heres a thing. Me with my own blog. A new Years resolution ticked off! I'm new to this so I guess the best thing to do to get the ball rolling is to introduce myself.

I'm an illustrator, you can visit my website, Wallop! to see lots of my work and more background information, but I'll summarize again just to save you lifting that finger....just yet anyway...

I trained as a graphic designer, graduated from the University of Westminster and the Royal college of Art and spent many years working at some lovely places, from Peter Gabriels' Realworld Studios, to the weather dept at the BBC!

Now I am Wallop Illustration, I produce illustrations and animations for websites, for books, for magazines, it varies from job to job and keeps life interesting.

My most recent project has been to start up 'Rubbish Pictures' a collection of eco collages, created entirely out of recycled household rubbish, junk mail, food packaging, all those annoying bits that fall out of the sunday papers every week.... you know the kind of thing.

More on those later....

First tea / blog break officially over - bfn.

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