Monday, 16 February 2009

Open for business - The Wallop online shop on Folksy

I haven't had so much fun playing shops in such a very long time.... but this last couple of weeks have been a joy.
I've discovered the world of Folksy.

"Folksy champions cool crafts and design talent. We marry up designers and crafters with buyers who want individual, quality stuff that's made with love"

What a great idea, and what an amazing bunch of people there are selling their handmade creations on that site.... Definitely worth checking out. Especially now that the Wallop shop is up and running and open for business!
All illustration commission work will still as ever be available through my usual website, but now I also have this handy arena to sell my existing gallery of rubbish pictures and the like.

In honour of the occasion and in line with my current general hippy urges, the latest addition to go in the shop is this little piccy, titled 'Treehugger'. It's the first time I've tried adding a child character into one of these collages and I'm quite pleased with how she turned out. Especially considering she's made out of carrier bags and a teabag box!

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  1. Hi, Dan here from Folksy forums - I really like the layout of your log. It's so easy to read. Your new shop looks ace too!