Thursday, 7 May 2009

Coffee o' clock

This year I turned over a new leaf. In theory I am now a green, lean, healthy, recycling artist machine. I don't smoke, I don't drink... erm much, I don't eat meat, I practise aikido every week, I'm marching daily around the fields of Hampshire with the dog whether he wants to or not, breathing in deep lungfuls of clean crisp country air, I have become zen like in the art of recycling. The leaf has been well and truly turned over to good living. However I have discovered a flaw in my plan. A little hiccup.

It seems I have a major addiction. This morning I thought I'd up things a notch and y'know just give up coffee too. Why not, I thought.... Well here's why not;
My head came close to imploding. My brain throbbed. The goldfish irritated me intensely just by it's very existence. I tsked and tutted my way through my morning routine ... and I lasted until 09.33

Coffee o' clock.
Just a small one.
Oh dear, there's only the pint mug clean out of the dishwasher. That'll have to do then. And then.... aaaaaaaaaah. All is well in the world once more.

ok so I may not have managed complete good living but life is good.

Todays rubbish picture consists of plastic fruit bags. (why put fruit in plastic bags?) Some junk mail and a Boden catalogue. They always seem to send me 3. I should just ask them not to but they do use such nice colours...


  1. Hello from fellow coffee addict!

  2. Love the giraffe and your other designs, not seen a style like this before.