Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Everyone loves a giraffe...

Today is a giraffe day. No particular reason. I just like 'em. They make me laugh. Laughing at a giraffe is reason enough to blog in my books.

Today's rubbish picture consists of herbal tea bags wrappings, food packaging, an old Junior magazine, Sunday's Observer, and a holiday brochure which was quickly ripped up before I could drool all over it thereby ruining perfectly good bits of blue....

1 comment:

  1. Ohh - send a photo to the Sunday Observer to show how their magazine has been transformed into contemporary art. It's worth a shot! I think your work is great - I still love the greyhound best - being a lurcher lover.

    Thanks for your email. I'm feeling suitable foolish and I'm glad you like my kids party ideas on the ol web site. Will send a separate email about some pics to use on my blog x