Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Rubbish Portraits

I've tried something new this week. It was 'im indoors birthday and seeing as hand made cards are generally the way to go in our house, was seeking inspiration... and what better inspiration than the rubbish pile that is sat in the corner of my office, threatening to topple at any moment and overwhelm half of Hampshire. So. I decided to try my hand at a rubbish portrait. Theres got to be a first time for everything! As for the result - I'm not sure Jonathan Yeo needs to quake in his boots unduly about his position in the circles of high art, but for a first attempt it's not all that..... rubbish?! And spookily, it does actually look just like him.... well a version of him after hitching a lift in the back of the recycling lorry to a skin grafts appointment....maybe ;-)

Today's rubbish picture is made of junk mail leaflets, the local swimming pools' Spring timetable, a Saturday supplement magazine and last years habitat catalogue.

1 comment:

  1. Love it,and the title too you are very talented artist, don't rubbish yourself.